Well-known Belarusian startup OneSoil leaves High Tech Park

OneSoil has left the Belarusian HTP for Poland and Switzerland / blog.onesoil.ai

One of the most well-known Belarusian startups, OneSoil, has left the HTP and has stopped working in Belarus.

The company explains this by its growth and entry into the international market.

"OneSoil is growing as an international company. The main activity is now conducted in Switzerland and Poland. Since many of our employees have moved to the office in Warsaw and their number in Belarus has decreased significantly, it was decided to leave HTP," reports dev.by.

Although some of OneSoil's employees continue to work remotely from Belarus, OneSoil now has two offices -- in Switzerland and Poland.

The OneSoil startup was founded in 2017 by programmer Vyachaslau Mazai and geographer Usevalad Henin. It developed an intelligent system for monitoring the condition of crops, increasing yields, and saving resources. The software uses satellite images to analyze data from the fields.

In 2019, Lukashenka praised OneSoil's developments during the visit to the HTP and called them "very useful and necessary."

After the 2020 elections, accompanied by a total internet blackout in the country and mass repression of dissenters, IT companies began to leave Belarus.

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