"The Dream" is the winner of the "The Northern Lights" film festival.

This is Sasha Kulak's film "The Dream".

"No, we don't speak Irish. But if you call an Irishman an Englishman, believe me, you'll get a very quick answer" / collage by Ulad Rubanau, Euroradio

Irish is not widely spoken but still loved in Ireland.

Darya Zhuk / Euroradio

She was filming the Russian crime thriller "ZATO".

Belarus will create a register of performers and other creative workers /

Minister of Culture, Anatol Markevich, has spoken about such a proposal.

First copies of Kathleen Kent's book /

An undercover CIA agent arrives in Minsk in 1990 to stop the flow of nuclear weapons from the crumbling Soviet Union but...

The English version of Maxim Znak's book "Zekameron" /

"Zekameron" was translated by Jim and Ella Dingley.

Cover of the Tor band / Tor band single

The Tor Band's music videos collected millions of views during the 2020 protests in Belarus.

Andrei Yanushkevich / Euroradio

Yanushkevich plans to resume publishing Belarusian books.

Screenshot from Avatar 2 / Euroradio

Where did the intermediary selling pirated film copies to Belarusian distributors come from?