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The Minsk-based trio tells Euroradio about backing from the parents, KINO and the city that inspires them the most.

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The Minsk-based trio Molchat Doma is becoming a hit elsewhere but the post-Soviet world. Euroradio asks them what is happening.

A screengrab from the NaviBand latest video.

Former Belarus act at the 2017 Eurovision song contest NaviBand have released a video for their new song Galileo (Two Humans).

Kattie. A shot from the video.

Belarusian singer Kattie wins the X Factor singing contest in Lavtia, gets a 10 000 euros prize and a contract with Sony Music.

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Russian rappers IC3PEAK's microphones were turned off in the middle of the performance

“Pahonya” tapestry. Photo:

Today is the last day of the exposition dedicated to 100 years since Belarusian People’s Republic “CODE: 25.03.18” in Minsk.

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The band performed the first solo concert in nine years.

29 countries will be represented there.

The marketing service of the Minsk's ice hockey club says 'some people wanted to use the concert for political purposes.'