Russia-Ukraine war 2022

The 14-month-old son of Dzmitry Plaks and Liza Aleksandrova-Zorina / archive

The youngest son of Dzmitry Plaks is 14 months old. The elder was killed in 2019.

Cargo worth millions of dollars /

It was found in the Odesa customs office.

Russian Military /

We asked employees of Belarusian companies whether they plan to dress the Russian military.

Belarusian plant in Ukraine /

The value of their assets is estimated at 120 million hryvnias.

Recently, the Prime Minister has been making even more cryptic statements than Lukashenka / collage by Ulad Rubanau, Euroradio

EU's new sanctions see Belarus' exports to Europe almost halved.

Russia's resources will be shrinking, but they will last for a long time / Reuters

Russia's pending on Lukashenka is not much compared to the war.

"In these circumstances, the appropriate decision would be an expansion of opportunities for Belarusians" / Sample photo

Earlier, Latvian Saeima called on the EU to suspend the issuance of visas not only to citizens of Russia but also to Belarusians.

Meriem Herasimenka /

Belarusian singer is detained after defiant pro-Ukraine performance in Minsk's night-life district.

Propagandists are now in TikTok/

Famous tiktokers are persuaded to feature in political ads