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Ukraine seizes property of companies from Belarus and Russia

Arrested freight car /

Ukraine has seized property of enterprises from Belarus and Russia worth more than 600 million UAH (more than $21 million at the rate of NBU), according to the Office of the Prosecutor General. It is about 420 railway cars with "inventory" (including those with fertilizers). They were on Ukrainian territory in 2022 and "were used in violation of customs legislation of Ukraine". This has been confirmed by a pre-trial investigation conducted by the Economic Security Bureau into the act of deliberate large-scale tax evasion.

The office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine does not exclude the confiscation of this property in the future.

After the beginning of the Russian aggression, Ukraine seized the property of Belarus and Russia for $1 billion. Recently, Minsk acknowledged "significant losses for the economy" because of the detained cars in Ukraine: 5 thousand cars "for all needs of the economy" and "17 thousand cars of the joint rolling stock with Russia". All of this can be confiscated.

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