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State TV anchor quits job in protest

Tatsiana Barodkina /

TV anchor Tatsiana Barodkina has left the STVchannel. Together with her children, she used to host a morning cooking show.

In her Facebook account, Barodkina left an emotional post: "Alas! I and my children can no longer smile from the TV screen. Congratulations to the country on the Choice! I do not know when you will read my post, because the Internet is being jammed. But please understand that even now, when the "choice" has already been made, I am not afraid! Friends! People! You must not fear either! Do not take away the future from our children!"

During the election campaign, state TV channels terminated contracts with several journalists and TV celebrities who spoke out against repressions and injustice.

In this case, the anchor has come forward to announce her resignation.

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