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Protests against felling trees organized in Mahilyou (photo)

Photo: Telegram channel ‘Not-BT’.

Mahilyou activists keep organizing flashmobs to prevent the felling of trees in Pyacherski Woodland Park. They organized a wonderful photo session with ‘forest fairies’ there a month ago:


Photo: Darya Sakalova

The protest is more social and political this time. It matches the ‘campaign aimed at discrediting the Belarusian Armed Forces really well (the Belarusian Ministry of Defense uses this cliché to comment on any civil activities it considers unpleasant):

Mahilyou inhabitants would like to turn Pyacherski Woodland Park into a natural sanctuary. The felling of trees has been suspended for the time being. Citizens have sent an appeal to the city authorities asking to create ‘Pyacherski Garden’ in the woodland park. 4 thousand signatures have already been collected.