Jug with Prince Izyaslau's coat of arms found near Minsk

Izyaslau's Trident at the bottom of the jug

The bottom of a pot with the personal coat of arms of Prince Izyaslau of Polatsk was found during excavations near Minsk, not far from the museum "Old Mensk" in Haradzishcha. The find is dated to the end of the 10th - beginning of the 11th century, and is unique.

Izyaslau is the son of Rahneda and Uladzimir Svyataslavich, the grandfather of Polatsk prince Usyaslau Charadzei. At the end of the X century Uladzimir founded a new town in the land of Polatsk - Izyaslaul (now Zaslauie), where Rahneda and Izyaslau were sent. Izyaslau's trident became the coat of arms of Zaslauie.

The road from Zaslauie to Minsk is not so long. The find may be related to the period of the prince's stay in this city.

The creator of the "Old Mensk" Hleb Labadzenka says that the bottom of the pot will soon be exhibited in the museum and will be available for tourists to see.

The bottom of the pot with the personal coat of arms of Prince Izyaslau

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