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Hrodna resident fails to find his vote in voting report

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Andrei (not his real name) who lives in Hrodna could not find his vote in the final results report, writes 

The guy was treated for psoriasis during the election. He also voted there on 17 November at the closed polling station No. 5 of the Hrodna Central Election District. And when I saw the voting report, I was surprised: 37 votes were cast for the incumbent deputy Liliya Kiryak, 1 - against all of them. Although Andrei himself voted for the candidate Alena Shalamitskaya.

A total of 38 people voted at the polling station.

A resident of Hrodna says that he came to the polling station, signed a letterhead, received a ballot with signatures of two commission members and voted in a voting booth. After the elections, he ran into an observer from the same polling station on the street. He told Andrei that all the votes in the final record were  in favor of Kiryak.

"As a citizen, I understand that I need to do something. On the other hand, given my illness, I have to go to this hospital every six months for two weeks," says a resident of Hrodna.

He is afraid that in case of complaints he will be pressured in the hospital.

The results of the House of Representatives' election were announced at the CEC session on November 22.

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