Doctors in Belarusian hospitals disaggregated by loyalty level

Belarusian medical workers are divided into four types / BELTA

Belarusian hospitals have introduced a special position - deputy head doctor for the ideology of the Belarusian state. And everyone who gets a job goes through this person. They admit people to work, has learned from a Minsk hospital medical worker.

"The deputy head doctor asks what the new employee thinks about Lukashenka. And they can also check the database, whether the person once participated in the protests. And then they put A, B, C, or D on the personnel file. 

According to the medical officer, Group A is occupied by those who participated in the protests and were imprisoned.

"In fact, it means they are blacklisted - such people will not be employed by any state structure. Group B is for those who were caught on camera at the protests, but these people were not in jail - they cannot be in leadership positions. And Group C are people who were just walking by, roughly speaking, were in the wrong place at the wrong time, so they were caught by the cameras next to the crowds of protesters. They can work, but only through an interview with the KGB. Well, there is also group D - those who were not caught by the cameras, but there are almost no such people". 

In addition, the medic says they now dismiss everyone according to the lists and do not hire those who left their signature for Babaryka. 

"That's why people with higher education in Belarus, including highly qualified doctors, are now mostly in the street - they are not hired anywhere to work except to sweep the streets. And they are forced to leave - they have no other prospects. In Belarus, a good citizen is one who keeps silent and has no opinion. And if you can't keep quiet, you'd better leave not to ruin your life. They made it clear to us that they would find everyone. And I'm surprised that the ambulances are still in WRW colors".

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