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Cruise missile debris found in Belarus

Debris of cruise missile in the Stolin district

The debris of the cruise missile fell down today near the village of Tsiareblichy in Stolin district of the Brest region. The incident happened at about 11:00, social feeds report.

The villagers heard a strong boom and then an explosion and saw the smoke. Later, they found debris in the field. 

Judging by the photos, it could be a small turbojet engine of TRDD series (turbojet twin-circuit engine). It is used in Russian cruise missiles like the Kalibr, R-500 and others.

The Ukrainian side and independent military experts noted that Russia most often uses Kalibr cruise missiles for missile attacks from the territory of Belarus. They are launched from aircraft. 

Before this incident, at 10:57 and 11:00, two military aircraft took off  from the military airfield in Baranavichy and headed in the direction of Ukraine.

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