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Book store under attack by propagandists and police on first day

This is how the opening of "Knihauka" was prepared / Publishing house "Janushkevich"

On its very first day, the "Knihauka" book store opened in Minsk by the publishing house "Janushkevich" was visited by propagandists and law enforcers who came with a search.

The propagandists Lyudmila Hladkaya from "SB. Belarus Today" and Ryhor Azaronak from STV were openly critical of the content of the books, asked provocative questions, and then happily reported that the police came to the bookstore following their footsteps.

The private Belarusian publishing house "Yanushkevich" opened a new bookstore at 6 Zmiatrok Biadulya Street. In March, it lost its office after the publishers were asked to urgently leave the rented premises.

In the bookstore / Publishing house "Yanushkevich"

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