Belarusian exports down by 4.4% as sanctions take their toll

Uladzimir Makei / Euroradio

In the first five months of 2022, the export of Belarusian goods decreased by 4.4% (almost $650 million), Foreign Minister Uladzimir Makei said.

"The main reason is the reduction in supplies of oil and petroleum products, potash and nitrogen fertilizers," BELTA quoted Makei as saying. At the same time, according to the Foreign Minister, the sales of other Belarusian goods have increased. The growth amounted to 4%, or more than $460 million.

According to Makei, increasing exports remains an absolute priority for his department and foreign institutions. He instructed the diplomats in the year's second half to "use all opportunities and reserves to achieve the required result." Earlier on, Aliaksandr Lukashenka demanded that the diplomats find new markets. "We won't survive without exports. Do not be frightened by the Western so-called sectoral sanctions. There is always demand for our goods. We just need to make a little more effort. If we sell our products, we will solve the issue of sanctions," he said a year ago.

Since then, there have been more sanctions imposed on Belarus. And in June, it emerged that Belstat had classified information about exports of goods and services. Previously, the agency used to publish data on different types of exports. Now there are only general data.

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