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Yandex on award for taxi driver who saved protester from riot police

A protester running away by a taxi from the security forces / shot from the video

The Yandex taxi service does not know the name of the driver who became a hero when he drove the protester away "like in a movie." The company wrote this in response to a petition posted on

The authors of the petition, which was signed by 30 thousand people, asked to reward the taxi driver.

The Yandex taxi company replied:

“Thank you for your concern about the driver, we think that he is aware and very moved. We do not know who it was -- it is impossible to determine the car plates from the video, and judging by the media reports, the driver was not completing an order. But we will be ready help him if need be. "

On September 23, Euroradio journalists witnessed how a Yandex taxi driver on Beruta Street in Minsk rescued a protester who was running away from the security forces. The driver invited the guy to jump into the car and drove away from the pursuers, running away in the oncoming lane and even along the sidewalk.