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Wreaths, round dances and fire show: One more celebration of Kupalle in Minsk

Raman Pratasevich, Euroradio

Belarusians celebrate Kupalle twice a year. It is traditionally celebrated on the longest night of the year - June 23. The second celebration is on the evening of July 6 (according to the modern calendar). Festivities were organized in several places in Minsk. Euroradio has watched the celebration in Azyartso Museum of People’s Architecture and Life and in the Botanical Garden where the celebration was more traditional.

Azyartso: dances, bonfire and wreaths

Kupalle was celebrated in a traditional way in Azyartso (4 km to the south of Minsk ring road). Musicians performed people’s songs. Round dances and games were organized. People danced the Krakowiak. Everyone could jump over the bonfire and young women put wreathes on the water in hope of finding their intended husbands.

Botanical Garden: fire show, round dances and musicians

More than a thousand people gathered in the Botanical Garden to celebrate Kupalle. The ‘magical’ part of the event began after the sunset. When the round dance began, musicians and fire masters, acrobats on stilts and imaginary creatures joined it.

There were round dances and a bonfire but the organizers did not allow anyone to jump over it for safety reasons.