Wargaming to move business in Belarus and Russia to third party

Wargaming перадае бізнес у Беларусі і Расіі іншай фірме
Wargaming will distance itself from business in Belarus and Russia / wargaming.com

Wargaming has decided to distance itself from business in Russia and Belarus.

According to the company's statement, as of March 31, the gaming business in these two countries has been handed over to the local management of Lesta Studio, no longer associated with Wargaming. 

"The company will not profit from this process either today or in the future. On the contrary, we expect significant losses as a result of this decision.

We will complete the operational transition with all necessary speed, while fully complying with all laws and ensuring that our employees are safe and supported at all times. During the transition period, the online products will remain available in Russia and Belarus and will be operated by the new owner," the statement reads.

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