Victar Lukashenka

Liliya Lukashenka and her family / collage Euroradio

Liliya Lukashenka flies abroad an average ten times a year.

Liliya Lukashenko not only has a big family but also a job she loves.​

We look into connections between the gallery where Liliya Lukashenka works, Cypriot offshores and Serbian company Dana Holdings.

Alyaksandr Lukashenka and his sons: Viktar, Mikalai and Dzmitry / Reuters

The Belarus president explains what officials will retain their positions in office after the election.

President Lukashenka's eldest son and national security advisor Viktar Lukashenka. Photo:

The president's eldest son showed interest in ethnic Belarusian symbols during the Slavonic Bazaar in Viciebsk in July.

Photo from Ramzan Kadyrov's account in Vkontakte

Lukashenka's oldest son Viktar pays a visit to Chechnya, meets Ramzan Kadyrov.


Viktar Lukashenka joined H.O.G. Rally Minsk, an annual event to close the motorbiking season.

Victoria Lukashenka is trying to get a gold medal at school.

Lukashenka’s son lays flowers together with bikers. Photo

The competition for ‘Metropolitan Philaret’s’ prizes has been held in Minsk.