State media 'uncovers' mysterious foreign militants in Belarus

Militants from the Counter-Strike 1.6 computer game

Belarusian state and pro-state media frequently publish statements about militants who are in a hurry to destabilize the situation on the island of stability in the center of Europe. Militants from PMC Wagner, militants from Ukraine, militants from Poland, militants from Lithuania ...

Euroradio decided to calculate how many militants from different countries are reaching out to our crystal vessel, if you believe the officials and propagandists.

"Up to 200 Wagner militants" said Raukou 

The interference of militants in the internal affairs of Belarus "happened" at the height of Svyatlana Tsikhanouskaya's campaign, when her united headquarters gathered thousands of rallies throughout Belarus. On July 29 BelTA reported that 32 "fighters of a foreign private military company" were detained near Minsk. Another person was detained in the south of the country.

Андрей Равков / Еврорадио

The next day, State Secretary of the Security Council Andrei Raukou said that “somewhere on the territory of Belarus” there are still up to 200 militants. “Search is underway. It's like a finding needle in a haystack," he said.

On August 14 it was reported that Belarus handed over 32 Wagnerians to Russia. Are the rest so well hidden that they cannot be found?

“Another squad” claimed Lukashenka

On August 4, addrressing the people and parliament, Alyaksandr Lukashenka was eager to frighten peaceful Belarusians. “Today we received information about another detachment [of militants] that has been deployed to the south,” he climed.

The head of Belarus did not mention either the size of the group or where they came from. “Now we have to run around and seek them in the woods. We will catch them all,” Lukashenka added.

They are still being sought out.

“About 200 Ukrainian extremists”  said Lavrov

September 2 saw negotiations between the head of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry Uladzimir Makei and his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov. Then the Russian Foreign Minister said that foreign extremists roam the territory of Belarus. This time they came from the southern border:

“According to our estimates, about two hundred extremists trained in the Volyn territory are now in the Republic of Belarus,” Lavrov said.

Сергей Лавров и Владимир Макей / БЕЛТА

He also added that Ukraine finances mass protests in Belarus. Uladzimir Makei did not refute this information.

Needless to say, the “Ukrainian extremists” proved to be no less agile and invisible than the Russian militants?

"Polish militants "with experience in Ukraine" claimed Polish political scientist

On September 13, Mateusz Piskorski appears on the STV channel. He was introduced as a Polish politician and political scientist. In the program “Nedelya” he, as an expert, spoke about “the external origin of the protests in Belarus”.

“There were certain cases of militants sent to Minsk -- those who had a certain experience, Polish citizens who had a certain experience (including in the east of Ukraine in hostilities). By the way, they were associated with various neo-Nazi groups in Poland and Ukraine (for example, with the Ukrainian Azov battalion),” Piskorsky said in an expertly manner.


Mateusz Piskorski is an ambiguous personality. In May 2016, he was detained by the Polish Internal Security Agency on charges of collaborating with Russian intelligence in activities directed against the Republic of Poland, promoting Russian interests and manipulating the mood of Polish society. Piskorsky was released on bail only last year.

The STV hosts, of course, did not say anything about the background of their Polish expert.

"5,000 Bandera Nazis" says "Teleskop"

The most extreme in the calculations was the publicist of the pro-Russian Teleskop portal under the pseudonym Panteleimon Filippovich.

“Albeit with a delay and in a limited amount, but there is clear evidence of the “peaceful” battles of the militants (and about 5,000 trained Bandera Nazis alone have been deployed from Ukraine to Belarus) with the Belarusian OMON,” he wrote.

Who says 5,000 is a lot? No time for fooling around

The anonymous publicist, however, decided not to specify how 5,000 trained Bandera Nazis were sent into Belarus, and most importantly, where they are hiding now.

"Polish and Baltic detachments of fighters" detected by Russian specialist in "Maidan technologies"

Another speaker from Belarusian TV who is "a Russian political scientist, publicist and political consultant Dmitry Kulikov" spoke on the Belarus 1 TV channel about fighters from Poland and the Baltic states, who were honing their combat skills in southeastern Ukraine:

"Хочу напомнить, что польские отряды бойцов тренировались на Донбассе, очень подробно. И прибалтийские тоже. Сценарий должен быть такой же, как на [прямая речь Куликова сохранена. — Еврорадио] Украине. Ну там с незначительными особенностями. Хотели сделать это стремительно, потому что нужна была стратегия блицкрига".


Где эти отряды и сколько в них бойцов, Куликов уточнять не стал.

Sixty-four "PARTIZANS of Mahiliou" counted Ministry of Internal Affairs

On September 14, the Ministry of Internal Affairs announced the arrest of six members of a detachment that was training in a forest in the vicinity of Mahiliou.

”ГУБОПиК МВД пресечена противоправная деятельность "лесного" отряда. Лидер указанной группы в социальных сетях создал сообщество "Партизаны Могилёва", куда входило 64 пользователя.

Предварительно установлено, что участники группы собирались в заброшенном помещении в лесу под Могилёвом. Там они тренировались: отрабатывали практические навыки тактики ведения уличных боев, захвата помещений, штурмового альпинизма и ведения боевых действий в лесу",
— написала пресс-секретарь МВД Ольга Чемоданова в своём телеграм-канале.

Получается, 58 из 64 пользователей сообщества остаются на свободе. Правда, есть определённые сомнения в их боевых качествах. Из расследования Еврорадио можно сделать вывод , что “ПАРТИЗАНЫ Могилёва” — фанаты страйкбола, милитари и молодёжной субкультуры “715”.


Если верить всем источникам, где-то в Беларуси занимаются своими диверсионными делишками не менее 5458 (5000 + 200 + 200 + 58) боевиков.

Будьте осторожны, берегите себя. 

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