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Residents of Belarusian border villages complain to police about migrants

Residents of the agrarian town Riasna told the head of Kamyanets police department that they are not happy about the migrants "roaming in the villages" /

The residents of border villages of Kamyanets district have complained to the head of the local police department Viktar Vodchyts about migrants.  Last week, he held a meeting at the Riasna village executive committee, reports the resource Riasna is an agro-town, which is located seven kilometers from the border with Poland.

People said they were worried for their safety because of the refugees who "roam the villages."

Vodchyts assured locals that the actions of migrants in the area were "closely monitored." He also said that the refugees "are camping and waiting for an opportunity to continue their journey to Europe. If they fail, they will be returned "to their own countries."

In case of illegal actions on the part of the migrants, Vodchyts advised locals to call the police.   

It is quite difficult to estimate the number of migrants who are currently on the territory of Belarus in the areas bordering Poland. Polish border guards report hundreds of attempts to break the border every day. In most cases, the migrants are turned back to Belarus. In particular, 575 attempts to enter Poland illegally were recorded last Thursday. Seven people were detained, the rest of the attempts were stopped.

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