Reports: Residence near Minsk is for Gutseriyev, not Lukashenka

Photo: Belsat

“A private rest home” situated near Sharkuny village, Minsk District, is not for the Belarusian President. The hotel complex Krasnaselskaye that used to belong to the President’s Administration belongs to Russian oligarch Mikhail Gutseriyev now, refers to informed sources.

The owner of the construction site was kept a secret with made journalists suspect that Alyaksandr Lukashenka’s new residence was being built there, Euroradio reported.

The manor is about 11 hectares. The land has been rented for 100 years by the company SertusAvia. This company belongs to Mikhail Gutseriyev, reports.

“A private residence belonging to a Russian businessman” is being built there, an official of Sharkuny village council told journalists.

Forbes has announced Mikhail Gutseriyev’s family the richest clan in modern Russia. The family owns 9.8 billion dollars. Gutseriyev is in the 16th position in the rankings of Russian millionaires. He owns 5.9 billion dollars. He is the owner of the companies Slaukali and Slaunaftahim in Belarus and the hotel Renaissance in Minsk.