Reconstruction of the Dynamo Stadium

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The reason for this decision is the “unsatisfactory state” of the lawn which must be “reanimated” immediately.

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The Austrian company that produced the turf for the Olimpiyskiy in Kiev participated in the tender but a Russian firm won.


Minsk is getting ready to host the 2019 European Games.


The general subcontractor says they would be happy to supply cheaper flagpoles.

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Dinamo Arena in Minsk will have opened by the end of 2017 after a grand make-over, according to the officials.

The company 4D Architects plans to build a stadium in the capital costing 81 million euros.

Latest news on the fate of Minsk's oldest sports arena by the end of 2013 (photo).

Lukashenka now sees Belarus' top sports venue as "a high-class athletics arena".

It is yet to be known if the bid-winning company is eventually to deal with the reconstruction of Belarus' main football arena