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Order of Mother parent checked by social services after children's photo

The Zhadzeyeu family /

The prosecutor's office initiated an inspection of the Volha Zhadzeyeva's family, who had been awarded the Order of the Mother, after her children declared that they wanted to live in Belarus without violence.

Volha Zhadzeyeva is a fashion expert, editor-in-chief of the Pret-a-portal.BY project and a mother of five children. Two years ago she was awarded the Order of the Mother.

But recently, the headmaster of the school, where her three children study, called the woman. The parents were invited over for a personal meeting. It turned out that the prosecutor’s office reported that Zhadzeyeva, together with the children, took part in an unauthorized event. Thus, the school was ordered to check if the family was in compliance with the socially dangerous situation legislation.

According to Zhadzeyeva, as evidence of her participation in the action, she was presented with a screenshot of a photograph in which she and her daughter are in the chain of solidarity in Lyabyazhy quarter.

“But it was not some kind of mass event. On August 14, my daughter had a birthday. We suggested that she go to a water park or a pizzeria, but she herself decided then that it was ridiculous, given the situation in the country. The children drew a poster which says “I want to live in Belarus without violence,” we bought sweets and treated our neighbors,” the site quotes Zhadzeyeva as saying.

The woman posted a photograph of her birthday on a social network, and there she was noticed by prosecutors.

As part of a social investigation, they came to the family to check their living conditions. Social educators asked at the clinic if the parents were registered in any of the special hospitals. They checked to see if the neighbors complained about fights and drunkenness in the family. There was even a special check at school for children and parents: they checked the quality of relationships in the family.

“Just two years ago, our family was checked to give me the Order of the Mother, and now they were finding out if our children are in a socially dangerous situation. Of course, it’s a lot of stress when you need to prove that you are a normal mother,” Zhadzeyeva notes.

The woman says that teachers and social educators treated their situation with maximum understanding. At the meeting of the commission, they said that there were no complaints about the family.

At the same time, Volha fears that this may not be the end of the story.