National symbols

Fireworks in Minsk / Illustration by

They "held a picket by launching a pyrotechnic product (fireworks)".

Mayor of Riga Mārtiņš Staķis /

The flag sold at auction for $12,600.

During the occupation, national flags were used not only in Belarus​

The Nazis used modern flags of a dozen countries. But only in Belarus does propaganda emphasize the collaborators.

Liliya Ananich / STV​

It is possible that the document will introduce responsibility for the white-red-white flag.

Curtains on enclosed balcony / photo from Alyaksandr

The official reason is to prevent 'unauthorized modification of the facade'.

A screengrab from Belarus 5 TV footage /

Public information officials say off the record white-red-white flags will be allowed but their boss does not confirm officially.

President Lukashenka's eldest son and national security advisor Viktar Lukashenka. Photo:

The president's eldest son showed interest in ethnic Belarusian symbols during the Slavonic Bazaar in Viciebsk in July.

Photo: Euroradio

FC BATE sue the fan 'in order to stop negative tendencies'; will give 5000 euros recovered to a charity.

Photo: Reuters

Alyaksandr Vyanherski was supposed to be released at about 9 p.m. on October 8 but a new trial has been appointed.