MFA refutes reports about Belarus' military advisers losses in Syria

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the State Committee for Military Industry of Belarus have refuted media reports about the death of our compatriots in Syria, reports

On 15 April, Israeli website Debka reported that during an Israeli Air Force raid on a Syrian scientific research center near Masyaf military specialists from Syria, Iran, Belarus and North Korea were killed and injured. According to the Israeli website, North Korean and Belarusian specialists were involved in upgrading the surface-to-surface missiles for Syria and Hezbollah, the production of solid fuel for missiles and the installation of new precise navigation systems. The reports suggested that the majority of Belarusian military specialists arrived in Syria via the Belarusian state-owned company Belvneshpromservice.

When asked by Euroradio,  Defense Minister's spokesman said there was no Belarusian serviceman in Syria but the military attache.

Belarusian Foreign Ministry's spokesman Anatol Glaz told journalists: "We categorically denounce this information."

Belvneshpromservice is part of the State Committee for Military and Industrial Complex. Their spokesman Uladzimir Lauranyuk stressed in his comments that Belvneshpromservice exports military equipment and not missile technologies. "I can assure you that there are no representatives of Belvneshpromservice in Syria," he added.

Both the Foreign Ministry and State Committee for Military and Industrial Complex have described the publication by the Israeli website a falsification.