Lukashenka talks about cracking down on NGOs

Home of Valery Tsapkala trashed by security forces in Minsk / Facebook

"It turns out that these NGOs, societies for the protection of dogs, cats and animals have never protected anyone. And they were never going to protect anyone," Lukashenka was quoted as saying by his press service. "Under this fashionable signboard, we were given (and we were happy about it) politically biased people".

As a result, the authorities had to deal with them since 2020. "It's a good thing now that the attitude is tough now," continues Lukashenka. "I would like the authorities to understand that society should be purged of these scoundrels".

In Belarus, not only dissidents are detained and tried, but there are also pogroms in the homes of political immigrants. Moreover, the latter are regularly threatened. The authorities are also planning to liquidate independent trade unions.

The Ministry of Justice has called this "cleansing" of civil society a "stock-taking".

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