Freight train of Lithuanian Railways /

Since February 7, Belarus has not allowed transit trains carrying fertilizers and petroleum products from Lithuania.

Belaruskali wagon

Among them is BPC. "Lithuanian Railways appealed to the National Security Commission.

Lukashenka holds a meeting on historical policy today / BELTA

He wants to use history to fight modern-day Poland and Lithuania.

Out of the EU countries, Poland and the Netherlands are the ones that Belarus trades the most with /

The EU and US account for a quarter of Belarus' exports since the sanctions were imposed.

Lithuania has blocked the allocation of EU money to Belarus / Reuters​

Lithuania blocked at least 3 million euros allocated by the EU for cross-border cooperation programs with Belarus.

Aleh Arlou /

Belarus says it used military helicopters to stop air balloons with 'anti-state slogans'.

Evacuators / here and further photos by Raman Protasevich, Euroradio

Are Lithuanians really afraid of the explosion at BelNPP and think Belarus won't tell them anything? Read our report.

Lithuanian Interior Minister Eimutis Misiūnas  /​

Lithuania's minister says Vilnius officials 'sow panic' when they plan to simulate a nuclear accident in neighboring Belarus.

Photo /

Aliaksadr Puhachou, Beltruboprovodstroy's board member describes the situation as 'an unfortunate misunderstanding'.