Lavon Volski

Lavon Volski upon release / Roman Pratasevich, Euroradio

4 Belarusian rock musicians were detained earlier today when trying to do a gig in a pedestrian street to mark Freedom Day.

Screenshot from Euroradio footage.

The Belarusian musicians wanted to do a small gig in a pedastrian street in downtown Minsk to mark Freedom Day.

Lyavon Volski / Euroradio

The musician was not surprised at Lukashenka’s interdiction to mark the 101st anniversary of the BNR in the stadium Dynama.

Photo: Euroradio

Volski will sing his best songs and the album Belaya Yablynya Hromu at Prime Hall.

Photo: Euroradio

The playbill promoting the blacklisted musician's gig was rented for 2 weeks but disappeared after just one day.

Several hundreds fans from Belarus attended Psychamatyka kick-off in the Vilnius club Loftas.

Nearly 300 people attended the concert in Homiel by Lyavon Volski, usually not allowed to perform in concert halls.

It will be an open air concert in a public political centre.

He will sing the best acoustic songs on the summer terrace of Minsk café Chill Out on August 19.