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Interior Ministry confirms use of flash grenades against protesters

Security forces in the area of Stela October 11, 2020 / Euroradio

On October 11, during the Dignity March, law enforcers used water cannons and flash grenades against peaceful protesters. The information was confirmed to RIA Novosti by spokesperson of Minsk police department Natallia Hanusevich.

"There are a lot of people in the center of Minsk, the event is unauthorized," official representative of Minsk police explained the use of non-lethals.

"Several dozens of people were taken to the local police stations for further investigation," Hanusevich also told the Interfax agency. She did not report on the number of victims during the dispersal by the security forces. 

At the same time, the human rights center Vyasna reports about 117 detained people. Among them are journalists (35 people) and Red Cross volunteers who provided assistance to the victims.

We wonder how the Minsk police will comment on the brutal video of a man in military uniform hitting an unarmed citizen in the face with an automatic rifle? The citizen will probably turn out to be a drug addict or a criminal.