Football in Belarus

Illya Shkuryn / CSKA

Illya Shkuryn has suspended his contract with CSKA.

Belarusian football stuck "at the bottom" /

Belarusian clubs were again very unsuccessful in European competitions.

FC Homiel players /

The appropriate permission was received from UEFA.

Design of a new stadium in Minsk.

Construction of 'Chinese gifts' - a football arena and a swimming pool - begins in Minsk.

"Footballers who were "in contact with possible carriers of COVID19 tested negative for the virus" /​

The Belarusian Football Federation decided last Thursday the tournament will begin on 30 April.

Uladzimir Bazanau / video frame

The Belarus Football Federation is trying to sell Germany the right to screen the matches even in the lower League 1.

Energetik-BGU - BATE /

Euroradio has collected comments from the press and fans in Europe on Belarusian football, the only ongoing sport in the world.

Mikalai Yanush /

The Isloch striker Mikalai Yanush recently spoke about the situation with the Belarusian language.

Dynamo Stadium during the European Games 2019 / Euroradio

Belarus promises to do it not worse than the best capitals on the continent.