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These statistics were published by the National Bank.

Payment for potash supplies will now look something like this /

Government press service reports

The gold and currency reserves of Belarus dropped 16% /

Belarus lost $1.4 billion from its gold and currency reserves in August.

Finance Minister says that Minsk hopes not for a loan from Russia, but for one from China.

The Credit Suisse Research Institute has published its latest global wealth report.

As of August 1, they amounted to $8.6 billion. Seven years ago, it was almost $300 million less.

As of 1 February, Belarus' gold and currency reserves amounted to $7 billion.


The biggest chunk of the loans money came from the government and banks of Russia and amounted to $879 million.

The KGB, DFI, IC, Customs and Border Protection Committee among other agencies will receive the funds from the ad hoc fund.