Emergency measures in northern Belarus to prevent ASFV

Photo: pixabay.com

Disinfection mats will be placed in the places frequently visited by local residents in order to kill the African swine fever virus in Haradok District, Viciebsk Region.

The mats will be placed near shops, post offices, schools, cultural institutions, etc., Narodnyya Naviny Vitsebska reports.  The district headquarters has decided to take emergency measures to liquidate ASFV and other dangerous animal diseases. 

The African swine fever virus has not been registered in Belarus since 2014. However, Haradok District is near the Russian border. 97 cases of ASFV has bene registered in Russia this year. Home animals got infected in 47 cases.

There is a big farm with over 40 thousand animals in Haradok District. If ASFV is registered there, the pig farm will be closed down. More than 200 people will lose their jobs.