Elections in Belarus

Government House in Minsk / Euroradio

Kazakhstan has shown that the transit of power does not work. However, Lukashenka in power to death is a deception of expectations

The law enforcers in the "Kaskad" compound / Euroradio​

Euroradio talks to a Minsk protest Telegram chat administrator about arrest, emigration, and expectations in the future.

Liliya Salimgareyeva and Tsimur Hryshko / Facebook/sb.by

Belarusian fitness star's ex-husband was part of the violent crackdown on protesters in Minsk on August 9.

Anastasiya Dudzina / photo from archive

Economics student Anastasiya Dudzina faces from 3 to 8 years in prison for "taking part in riots."

A copy of the offense report from a Minsker who found his falsified signature in a statement nominating an unknown woman to the local election commission / Photo: Aleh Zyl

Minsker Aleh Zyl knows nothing about Tatsiana Plaschynskaya whom he allegedly endorsed for the election commission.


Financial Investigation Department raids the offices of Privat-Lizing company linked with Babaryka, a presidential nominee.

Aliaksandr Lukashenka / president.gov.by

"But if people express their categorical objection, I will not argue yet will be a bit frustrated," Lukashenka said.

Alena Anisim and Hanna Kanapatskaya / Euroradio

Alena Anisim and Hanna Kanapatskaya are not registered as candidates allegedly due to invalid signatures for their nomination.


The ONT TV broadcast shows voters' personal data already available to signature collectors. Is it legal?