There are a total of 19 substitution treatment rooms in the country / sb.by

Medical rooms where former addicts get methadone work in every region.

Busted heroin in Minsk / A screenshot from Belarusian Police's video

Police in Belarus have seized over 500 kilograms of heroin, the "largest" heroin bust in the Eastern European country's history.


The teenagers made caches of drugs, photographed them and sent the coordinates to ‘a curator’.

Vyachaslau Hrankou / ctv.by

The World Health Organization has urged Belarus to stop imprisoning drug abusers.

Maryna Matsulevich in court, 2018 / Euroradio

The woman has managed to report that she is suspected of insulting an official.


“Despite the fact that the Global Fund project is registered, the problem is not solved and is even getting worse.”

 Mothers 328 activists in Minsk's Independence Square / Anastasiya Boika, Euroradio

The mothers of the youngsters convicted under Article 328 that deals with drug-trafficking have gathered near the parliament.

Euroradio/ Alyaksei Karpeka

Several days ago, Euroradio filed an inquiry with the Ministry of the Interior about this notorious online drug dealer.


Maksim Rudzko was imprisoned 6 months ago. He hoped to be amnestied but was recently reprimanded.