Doctors and journalists stand in solidarity with arrested colleagues

Protesting medics / Anton Matolka telegtam-chanel

Doctors and journalists held rallies of solidarity with their arrested colleagues. They stood facing the wall with their hands up. According to the telegram channel @belhalat_by, at first the doctors of the emergency hospital did so. It was an action of solidarity with the arrested doctor Artsyom Sarokin, who is accused of disclosing medical information about the condition of Raman Bandarenka. The sheets of paper held by the doctors said "0 ppm" (meaning that Bandarenka had no alcohol in his blood). As you know, the Prosecutor General's Office, the Investigative Committee, and Alyaksandr Lukashenka have a different view on this matter.

Later, a similar protest was held by the employees of The journalist of the portal Katsyaryna Barysevich has been behind bars for five days. She was detained over the same case as the doctor. employees / @tutby_official