MTZ's uncovered loss by April 1 was 22.8 million rubles /

The strategy of the authorities for troubled enterprises covers short term only.

The Nezhinsk mine sees little to no activity / Euroradio

Construction works suspended, Chinese workers cannot return home.

Was the statement about Crimea meant for the one viewer who could give us a loan? / Reuters

Sanctions or Lukashenka's stance on Crimea, Belarus will continue to lose money. There are only two options.

Lukashenka and Putin at the meeting on September 9, 2021 / Reuters

Econimic integration with Russia can quickly become political, while military cooperation grows without any roadmaps.


Belarus may use the emergency loan from China to support its gold and currency reserves.

China Development Bank /

Belarus will use the Chinese loan to service external debt, maintain the gold and currency reserve and boost bilateral trade.

Finance Minister says that Minsk hopes not for a loan from Russia, but for one from China.

The 11 billion mark was passed in November last year.

Krichevcementnoshifer /

Belarus took almost $600 million of Chinese loans to upgrade the cement industry in 2015-2019 alone.