Belarusian products

Cargo worth millions of dollars /

It was found in the Odesa customs office.

But can a Belarusian nurse afford a "Nurse"?


Ambassador of Belarus to Russia protests against the discrimination of Belarusian goods.

Russia's Deputy Prime Minister Alexei Gordeyev says the re-exports in violation of the sanctions are 'repeatedly recorded.'

Aliaksandr Lukashenka /

Russian President's spokesman says the two countries lack common understanding on 'some issues of commercial nature.'

President Lukashenka met the government on Thursday to discuss retaliation to Russia's 'trade wars.'


Belarus' Agriculture Minitstry is optimistic to resume supplies but under a new scheme.


Birch-tree sap harvesting is in high season in Belarus as foresters and wage workers rush rush to make a quick money.


The agro-industrial holding at the Office of Belarus President plans to launch large-scale meat and dairy production in Zimbabwe.