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Belarus to pay for BelAZ export contract from budget

BelAZ dump truck

What will exports look like in Lukashenka's economy in 2022-2024? Here's an example of a document. BelAZ sells somewhere its dump trucks for $9.5 million. But the buyer pays nothing as the he gets vehicles for free. It is the Belarusian people who pays for the purchase.

Although it is hard to believe, here's a document published the other day on the National Legal Portal proving it. The export loan, granted to BelAZ by Belarusbank on January 27 for 2022-2024, will be compensated from the budget.

Government Resolution from the National Legal Portal / Euroradio

All this is done on the basis of Lukashenka's decree No. 534 of August 25, 2006 "On promoting exports of goods (works, services)." "Exports" (but in fact they are free deliveries) of BelAZ trucks will end up in the statistics. And the fact that they were paid for from the Belarusian budget is another story and another reporting.

The wording in the document is exquisite as it allows "to compensate losses from the export loan". Regular banks make money on loans. But not Belarusbank.

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