Raman Pratasevich

Molchat Doma / Euroradio

The Minsk-based trio tells Euroradio about backing from the parents, KINO and the city that inspires them the most.

“Hempen Dzyady” in Minsk / Raman Pratasevich, Euroradio

Жартоўная акцыя прысвечана “ўсім памерлым ад канабіса”.

Raman Pratasevich / Euroradio

The young man has reacted to the fact that the trial will be conducted behind closed doors.

'Youth Bloc' at the elections to the House of Representatives / Facebook

Signature collectors face a full range of situations ranging from threats and provocations to full support and words of gratitude.

Evacuators / here and further photos by Raman Protasevich, Euroradio

Are Lithuanians really afraid of the explosion at BelNPP and think Belarus won't tell them anything? Read our report.

Maksim Syamashka at home / Raman Pratasevich, Euroradio

A 19-year-old paralyzed youngster can barely move his hand but tries to enjoy himself, gets tattoos and earns money.

This is how the audience looks like through the eyes of the actor / Raman Pratasevich, Euroradio​

Janka Kupala National Theater will open its 100th season on 3 September.

Raman Pratasevich, Euroradio

The youth festival of Asian pop culture amateurs has changed its image this year.

Raman Pratasevich, Euroradio

The celebration in Azyartso was traditional. Yet, one could not jump over the bonfire in the Botanical Garden for safety reasons!