Apartments in Belarus

The record-setting house is in the middle. Yandex image.

A Russian citizen buys an apartment in central Minsk for $1.3 million, a record price in the last three years.

MP candidate and Movement For Freedom's deputy head Yuras Hubarevich joined the protest for pre-election campaigning.

They also consider billing based on flat area unjust.

Tut BY Media sells real estate without a license, officials said.

National Bank's chairman Pavel Kalaur says the level of inflation has to be at no more than 9% in order to cut loan rates.

For 20 years she lived in the house that the university now considers a dormitory.

This proposal came from the Ministry of Justice.

Almost 53,000 people officially rent apartments in the capital.

Servicemen and families with many children will get priority to receive preferential housing credits in 2015, says National Bank head.